Author: Roger

Ultimate 90’s R&B Mixtape!!!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the Ultimate 90’s R&B Mixtape The Ultimate 90’s R&B Mixtape, mixed by all 8 contestants (plus the host) of The Ultimate 90’s R&B Battle!! Winner was myself, DJ Free-key ūüôā Edited and put together by DJ Menace I entered a 90’s R&B Battle consisting of 8 contestants (7 DJ’s + 1…
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New Art Work!! Money Heist Tribute!

A tribute to “Money Heist” aka “La Casa De Papel”. One of my favourite things to watch on Netflix. “O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao, ciao, ciao!” Check out more of my art work in the Artist Gallery Section Instagram: @freekey_art #freekeyart¬†#pyrography¬†#handmade¬†#handcrafted¬†#woodburning¬†#handmadeart¬†#woodburningart¬†#pyrographyart¬†#pyrographyartist¬†#woodcraft¬†#woodwork¬†#handmadegifts¬†#pyroartcollective¬†#pyrography_artists¬†#pyrographyartist¬†#pyrographyartists¬†#pyrographyuk¬†#pyrographylondon¬†#peterchildpyrograhy¬†#peterchildspyrography¬†#moneyheist¬†#bellaciao

NEW Chilled Out DEEP House Mix

Chilled out DEEP House Music mixed by myself DJ Free-key. Perfect for warming up a party, or if you just want to chill out. Features tracks by: Jizz, Jess Bays, Cosenza, ANOTR, Elliotte Williams-N’Dure, Sam Dexter, Martin Landsky, Roy Rosenfeld, NTFO, NiCe7, Leon (Italy), Foletto, CANCCI, Somelee, Luca Debonaire, Stefan Reis, Dennis Cruz, Tom Day,…
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Project 21 – Coasters Of Europe

New Pyrography Video!! I was commissioned to burn these wooden coasters with a map of Europe.

“Don’t Rush Challenge” DJ style by Skratch Link Up!!!

I feature somewhere in the middle! Big Up to the the whole Skratch Link Up family, especially the creative talent of DJ Menace!!

Project 5 – Boxing Gloves

Throwback Tuesday to something I made back in 2018, before I had a proper shading tip. Instagram: Facebook page:

Project 4 – Chromeo Pyrography

Throwback to one of the first pieces I did back in November 2018. I had just watched my favourite band a few days earlier, CHROMEO, so thought to do a little pyrography tribute. I am a huge fan and really enjoyed the show!!!

Uploaded my first Art video on Youtube!!

Hey everyone, just to let you know I have uploaded my first art video on youtube that features my latest art project. Check it out below, like and subscribe if you are not already…. also click the notification bell if you want to be notified of any new content. Feel free to leave any comments….